BREA, CALIFORNIA, December 4, 2019. — Gardner Logistics, Inc. has obtained assets and announces the launch of sister company, GLI Supply Chain Management, Inc., a new division of Gardner Logistics. Come 2020, Gardner Logistics, Inc. will operate as an asset-based motor carrier offering transport of hazardous materials throughout California across various lanes. To accomplish this addition and continue providing brokerage and virtual traffic office needs, GLI has expanded the company by establishing GLI Supply Chain Management, Inc.

Gardner Logistics, Inc. has acquired truck assets to service customer lanes which will transport hazardous and non-hazardous materials between Northern and Southern California. GLI is passionate about establishing a positive work-life balance among its drivers by utilizing scheduled loan plans and trailer swaps halfway, allowing all certified drivers to safely return home nightly.

To eliminate the chance of service delays, all loads will be scaled to provide proper next day service in conjunction with utilizing cutting edge technology to reduce the chance of delay due to equipment failure. All loads will be GPS tracked in real-time in a C-TPAT Compliant process as each trailer will be swapped mid-point between the Bay and LA areas. 

For more information contact us at 714-897-1545.