Multiple Carrier Advantage

GLI can effectively integrate client deliveries into regional distribution centers that reduce 20 percent or more off customer costs. For our clients with less than truckload service, we offer the option to consolidate their shipments at one of our various trucking centers. Here, freight can be delivered to those working locally.

Improved Service, Reduced Transportation Costs

Several key advantages to our pooled distribution is that shippers save on the cost of less than truck load service, which would in turn, include current discounts for our clients. When consignee’s receive their merchandise on a specific day and time every week, there is less handling of the shipment; specifically, less loss or damage to one’s haul, and product moves to the market much faster.

Pooled Distribution / LTL Services include:

  • 3-4 day delivery from coast-to-coast, including Canada.
  • Less handling of product, making for reduced cargo claims, expenses and misroutes.
  • Road units are loaded at shipper’s dock, where each truckload consists entirely of your product – regardless of the size.
  • Customized trailer routing to ensure the lowest client expenses.
  • Daily weather and tracking reports delivered in any format.
  • Effective appointment setting with trusted providers.
  • Flatbed, dry-van and courier and instant discounted common carrier rates.
  • Expansive multi location to destination distribution and seasonal projects.
  • Signed POD submitted to all parties, as required.
  • NMFC product classification.
  • Pallet position rates.